★ I stan 15 stupid adorable squishy idiot handsome & talented ahjusshis and they go by the name Super Junior. i can be sometimes Multi-fandomed

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The perfection that is Han Geng.

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Talking about Kyuhyun’s accident on Behind the Story (2008). 
The host (He Jiong) had been waiting to meet Kyuhyun for a long time because he saw how concerned Han Geng and Siwon were about him when the two of them first went on Happy Camp back in 2007, around the time of the car accident.

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Super Junior meets myth - 11 Han Geng / Imoogi (Dragon Shapeshifter)

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Hangeng feat white;

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(071229) Han Geng on 开心辞典 [Part I // Part II]
She is his motivation. She is the reason he persists.
In more ways than one, there would be no Han Geng without Han Mama.
♥~Happy Birthday Han Mama! April 8th~♥


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[April 2013] Men’s Health Magazine 10th Anniversary Issue | photoshoot version | cr: Sina

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super junior meme: 15 members [3/15]
han geng

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SJ Rainbow - Hangeng

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Yishion 2013 Spring Casual Series | cr:

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