★ I stan 15 stupid adorable squishy idiot handsome & talented ahjusshis and they go by the name Super Junior. i can be sometimes Multi-fandomed

★ Super Junior ★ INFINITE ★ TVXQ ★ BIGBANG ★

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Life couldn’t get better~

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sunggyu and his packet of prawn crackers~

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precious mochi reacting to the fans ;u;

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At 100 million quiz show: every time someone would get eliminated, hyuk and min would always courteously bow to their direction. ;)

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~Sunny Sunny SS5 Shanghai youliitleadorablepieceofshit

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ren  잠꼬대 Sleep Talking

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cute reaction about project for day 3 in Marry U (feat giant ring).

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Two kids who are trapped in a adult’s body

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